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Transfer Powder is an adhesive product that ensures the adhesion of the paint on the material to be printed with the transfer printing method.

Transfer Powder melts when heated in the oven and creates an adhesive effect. In multi-colored prints, the back cover is applied to the transfer paper that has gone through the printing process. Transparent back cover should be applied on light colored materials and white back cover should be applied on dark colored materials. There is no need for back cover in monochrome prints.

After the transfer paper has undergone the back-sealing process, it is covered with Transfer Powder, shaken to remove excess powder. The powder covered transfer paper must then be passed through the drying oven for the inks to cure. Once it comes out of the oven, transfer paper is cut with scissors or guillotine by leaving some space around the patterns. Afterwards printed patterns transferred to textile products with the help of a heat transfer press.

Transfer Printing is a method used especially in products such as t-shirts and bags. If the location on the surface to which the pattern will be transferred is very important, you can use transparent PET Transfer Film instead of opaque transfer paper. Transfer films are often used in sports uniforms.

Transfer Powder is available in our stocks in different thickness and properties.

Polyester (PES) Transfer Powder Options

0-80 micron: Fine Transfer Powder (It is used by adding it into the paint.)

80-170 micron: Thick Transfer Powder

125-200 micron: Thick Transfer Powder

Polyurethane (TPU) Transfer Powder Options

80-170 micron: Stretch Transfer Powder (Suitable for DTF Digital Transfer Printing Machines)

CoPoliamide (PA) Transfer Powder Options

0-80 micron (It is used by adding it into the paint.)

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Low temperature thermoplastic polyurethane TPU hot melt adhesive powder TPU fine powder soft high elastic ink for hot transfer


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