empty mixing pots 1kg



Empty mixing pots for mixed inks and storing inks, complete with airtight lid. 1 kg Plastic  Tub .

Empty mixing pots with a capacity of 1kg are containers that are used for mixing and storing small quantities of materials such as paints, adhesives, resins, and other liquids. These mixing pots are typically made from plastic  have a capacity of 1kg, which is roughly equivalent to 1 liter or 1000 milliliters.

Empty mixing pots with a capacity of 1kg are often used in industrial and manufacturing applications where small batches of materials need to be mixed and stored for later use. They are also commonly used in arts and crafts, such as for mixing small amounts of paint or glue.

These mixing pots are typically disposable and are sold in bulk quantities, often in packs of 50 or more. They may have a screw-on lid or a snap-on lid to keep the contents from spilling or drying out. Some mixing pots may also have graduated markings on the side to help with accurate measurements and mixing ratios.

When using empty mixing pots with a capacity of 1kg, it is important to follow proper safety procedures, such as wearing gloves and protective eyewear, and to ensure that the materials being mixed are compatible with the container.


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